David Luiz to be BC.GAME’s Official Brand Ambassador

BC.GAME with David Luiz – The New Brand Ambassador

As much as possible, David Luiz wishes to maintain the love of Brazilian people towards football and other sports. He has always been known for his strengths in being Flamengo’s football player, so it’s not a surprise for him to associate with BC.GAME, which is a rising star for online casinos.

During the recent FIFA World Cup 2022, BC.GAME saw the massive potential of online sports betting and casinos, especially in Brazil. So, collaborating with David Luiz is termed to be a big milestone for the platform. With both sides, David and BC.GAME will extend hands in promoting the essence of the casino not just in Brazil but globally.

David Luiz will support the casino platform by using his social media accounts. He is also open to Twitch live stream events where he looks forward to interacting with his viewers. More good and exciting stuff is coming for both football and casino communities wanting to be more involved in the casino space. Exciting times ahead!

Factors to Look for in a Sports Betting Casino

Nowadays, you can only enter and invest your money in a casino that you have properly background-checked. It is natural that scam and click-baiting sites will appear as online casino rises; however, it becomes your responsibility to be a more competent user. For starters, here are some factors that you should look for in sports betting casinos.

1. Competitive Wages

Experienced gamblers usually visit different online casinos to check wagers that they can invest in. It’s a good way to compare and select the casino with the best offers. Ultimately, don’t resort to too low and too high prices of wagers, as it can be a sign of a scam.

2. Licenses and Authorizations

Licenses are proof of legibility for online casinos. Since it is unlike physical casinos, where you can visit and examine as you like, online casinos can only be checked through their authorization. You can commonly see the list of licenses and authorizations at the bottom part of the website. Otherwise, contact customer service and ask them directly.

3. Exciting Events and Games

Last but not least, you must always consider choosing the online casino that offers the games you like or excel at. If you’re a sports bettor, opt for websites that feature international sports events like World Cups. That way, you’re supporting your favored team while earning.

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